Introducing the Worlds First Non-Contact, Real Time Chemical Monitoring and Control Process Instrument Utilizing Raman Spectroscopy:

Mustard Tree Verifier® Process System (VPS-1000)

The VPS-1000 Is Not A Retrofitted Lab Instrument

The VPS-1000 was specifically designed for the challenges of chemical manufacturing processes; optimized for speed, accuracy, up-time, ease of use and retrofit-able into any location with its compact size.

The VPS-1000 in-process instrument is designed with on-board instrument health diagnostics that can differentiate, isolate and communicate automatically to an operator if there is an issue with the instrument or with the material being produced.

The VPS-1000 is a non-contact, non-destructive, real time chemical monitoring and control Instrument for liquids, mixtures, colloidal and solid flowing systems.

The VPS-1000 is 1/10th the size of current monitoring equipment, and is rated class1/div 1 for hazardous environments (patent pending).

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